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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spanish Vanilla Cake

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit gutted when I saw this month's
We Should Cocoa Challenge set by Choclette. The secret ingredient for April is marzipan. I loathe marzipan - the flavour, the smell, everything! However the key word in the title is 'challenge' and I was determined to try baking with it - maybe it would change my mind about the evil almond paste. I trawled the internet to find a recipe which combined marzipan and chocolate and eventually came across this one for Spanish Vanilla Cake on cooksunited.co.uk. I was with Mr CB when buying the ingredients - I didn't realise that he too has a shared dislike of marzipan, even commenting that he couldn't have a packet in the house. He is prone to exaggeration so I did ignore this comment and buy it anyway!

I ordered a bundt tin specially for this cake but it unfortunately hasn't arrived yet so I had to make do with a normal springform tin. I really like the fact that this mixture was so light due to the beaten egg whites and it does result in a great springy cake. It is very similar to those little madeleine type cakes you get in bags in Spanish (a clue in the name of the cake maybe?!) supermarkets - a little bland but strangely moreish at the same time. I would prefer this cake without the marzipan - while the flavour isn't overpowering it is definitely there. Mr CB however did manage a whole slice....

The Recipe

250g marzipan
150g sugar
1 vanilla pod
pinch salt
1 egg
6 eggs, separated
150g plain flour
50g cornflour
60g dark chocolate, roughly chopped + extra for decorating

1. Grease a springform tin and preheat the oven to 190c.
2. Whisk the marzipan with half of the sugar, the scraped out vanilla seeds, salt, egg and 6 egg yolks. Stir until creamy.
3. Beat the egg whites with the remaining sugar until stiff and fold into the mixture.
4. Sieve the flour and cornflour over the batter and fold in. Finally fold in the chopped chocolate.
5. Pour the dough into the tin and bake for 60 minutes.


  1. Well done for rising to the challenge. Doesn't sound as though it really worked for you, but it looks and sound fabulous to me. At least you have confirmed that neither of you are a fan of marzipan :( A special thanks for taking part :)

  2. I like that you still made it despite your disagreements with marzipan! It looks like it came out lovely, round or bundt-shaped. I'll eat it for you instead!

  3. Mmmm, looks delicious! Thanks for stopping by, we do like Easter, you'll see why tomorrow! Happy Easter to you!

  4. Looks good to me. I love your chocolate drizzling. Very stylish.

  5. Now if I had made this I would have been able to take it in to work after all rather than throwing up the revolting brownies! Next months challenge defo won't be marzipan lol. Thanks for taking part with us ;0)

  6. It's a handsome cake, but it's a killer to have to make something you know you won't like. You are to be commended. I hope you had a great holiday. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Mr. P. says stuff like that all the time, I haven't had a parsnip is 6 years for similar reasons lol.
    I have never been a marzipan fan either but your cake does look lovely and I love a chocolate drizzle. x

  8. delicious looking cake looks wonderful

  9. This recipe looks delicious to a marzipan lover! I'm definitely going to try this one soon. I have a chocolate cake recipe which incorporates marzipan into the batter in a similar way to this, but I think adding chocolate chunks to an almond batter will be better!

  10. Believe it or not~ i never ate marzipan in my whole life.. looks like i'm out from the jungle or what~ but the cake looks wonderful..