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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Avon Crusade Baking Set

Ding dong, the Avon lady's calling..... with your baking set.  Maybe not quite what you'd expect to hear from Avon but the good folk at this beauty giant have created the above set in the aim of getting people to bake in aid of breast cancer. The Avon Crusade Baking Set, which retails at £5, includes a Crusade ribbon cuttter, a heartshaped cutter and 6 silicon cupcake holders.  £1.25 of this amount is donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the remaining proceeds go to not-for-profit projects.  Avon is hoping that those buying the set will host bake sales in aid of the breast cancer cause.

Avon kindly sent me a set to try out and write about. I'm firstly very happy to do this as I think it is a very worthwhile and fun way of raising money for such an important cause.  Secondly, I used the silicone cupcake holders to make the below Victoria Sponge cupcakes and they were great and gave perfect little cup cakes.  The sets are available from your local Avon representative or online at avonshop.co.uk.  

I made the above cupcakes using a classic cupcake sponge and buttercream topping. With these ones however I scooped a little sponge from the middle of the cupcake and filled it with strawberry jam before replacing the lid and adding the topping. It's my take on a cupcake version of a Victoria sponge.


  1. What a beautiful set, love the pink colour!! Have a nice evening

  2. That's quite weird, Avon selling baking equipment. It's a nice idea though to get people baking and raising money for breast cancer at the same time. My mother was an Avon lady for a while when I was little and I loved playing with all the kit.

  3. I saw this kit over on another blog recently too. I think it is a genius idea and I'll be ordering one for sure ;0)

  4. Ooh that's a very cute and clever way to raise money. I love plain cupcakes with jam in the middle too. Sometimes it's so tasty I don't even bother with the buttercream!

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