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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Food Bloggers Unplugged

I have been tagged by Paula of Sweethart Cakes and Bakes and Jean of Baking in Franglais to join in “Food Bloggers Unplugged” and reveal all sorts of food related things about myself.... Sorry it's taken me so long to do it guys. 

What or who inspired you to start a blog ?
I have often baked at the weekend and then sent Mr CB into work on the Monday with the goods.  I would like to say this is because I'm a generous soul (which I hope I am) but honestly it is more to do with the fact I don't trust myself not to sit there and scoff a whole cake. I often got asked to provide the recipe for something I'd made.   I decided that a blog would be a good place to put my recipes and to indulge my hobby as a change from my day job. 

2.  Who is your foodie inspiration ?
It has to be my Mum.  I was very lucky when I was growing up in the respect that my Mum was a lecturer in catering at a college so we were very well fed.  She is such a good cook so I grew up learning to cook, something which I am so thankful to her for to this day. As for chefs I just love Nigel Slater. 

3.  Your greatest batter-spattered food/drink book is ?
While I love baking I also really enjoy cooking as a whole. I really have 2 books that I refer to a lot - Nigella's How to Eat and for every day dinner ideas Bill Granger's Everyday. Give me a cookbook to read though and I'm a very happy bunny!

4.  Tell us about the best thing you've ever eaten in another country, where was it, what was it ?
I had lunch a few years about at a very unprepossessing restaurant on the edge of a mountain road near Barga di Lucca in Tuscany.  We went with a group of friends, several of whom were Italian, and we ate like kings.  I remember every last detail of that meal - the most amazing Pasta Fritta with Proscuitto and cheese, Lamb Cutlets with Rosemary Potatoes and Zucchini Fritti and local red wine followed by a competitive game of cards.  I have to say too that I have never eaten Fish and Chips which are as nice as the ones at Steels Fish and Chip Shop in Cleethorpes!  

5.  Another food blogger’s table you would like to eat at ?
There are so many..... I would love to be at Mary's from Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes for Christmas. I think it would be a veritable feast served on her wonderful Christmas crockery! I would also be very happy for Jude from A Trifle Rushed to invite me to Brittany for one of her locally caught lobster suppers.

6.  What is the kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for this year (money no object of course) ?
It would have to be a Kitchenaid.

7.  Who taught you to cook ?
My Mum and my godmother Auntie Wendy in school holidays. One of my best memories is of when she forgot to put sugar in a cake though (it was a very busy harvest time!)  and it turned out looking like a cow pat. As they live on a farm this was very apt.  

8.  I’m coming to you for dinner.  What’s your signature dish ?
My main course could be anything from a seafood gratin to lamb tagine. My signature pudding though is Chocolate Fondant.  Just realised I've never blogged it though.

9.  What is your guilty food pleasure ?
Fish Finger Sandwiches which get eaten far too often.

10.  Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn.
I once performed the snowman on roller skates at the Royal Albert Hall. A long time ago I hasten to add.

Now I invite the following bloggers to take part in this challenge.

Firstly I choose Phil from As Strong As Soup who is adventurous and inventive in his flavour combinations.

I then choose Mary from Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes for reasons mentioned above.

Thirdly it has to be Louise from Please do not Feed the Animals for her family adventures.

And last but by no means least I pass this on to my favourite Irish Blogger -  Nessa  - from Nessa' s Family Kitchen.


  1. fish finger sandwiches... now you are TALKING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yum,chocolate fondant! It definitely deserves a blog post if it's your signature pud. I'm loving everybody's "secrets" in the final question. I think yours is one of the best I've read!

  3. So lovely to hear more about you. I'm definitely coming over for chocolate fondant! I can't remember the last time I ate fish fingers!

  4. Anytime! All I can say about fish fingers is that until last year I hadn't eaten them for about 20 years. I've been making up for lost time since!! Sounds like Dom is with me on this one!

  5. Saw your comment! I'll have to check out my e-mail and make sure it's linked to my blog!

    How lucky are you to have a mom who lectured about food at a college! I'll bet she's fascinating to listen to!

    I'd be delighted if you would join us for Christmas dinner! Oh, are those Maine lobsters? I'm going to have to check that blog out! :-)

  6. GREAT post and lovely to know a little more about you! I also ADORE fish finger sarnies!

  7. He he, I want to see you performing the snowman on roller skates - wonderful thought.