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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Courgette & Fennel Tart

This is a very quick post as I am running round like the proverbial fly this morning trying to fit in 101 things before I go away with work shortly. So this is another recipe from my favourite Popina - I am going to move on to pastures new next week though and break out another recipe book.  It is a great summer tart - perfect for lunch outside or a picnic in the park.  Talking of parks I'm still drying out after spending last night watching The Killers in Hyde Park - come on heatwave - hurry up and arrive!

The recipe can be found in the Popina Book of Baking.


  1. oh this is divine!... I love courgette and fennel together, totally my favourite kind of thing... really lovely!

  2. Misscakebaker this look divine !! (Did you know my second name is Baker, my grand dad came from Southamptons and married with my grand mom and spanish girl) huggs

  3. Looks gorgeous! I'm hoarding courgette recipes at the moment, I have a few courgette plants that each are loaded with impending fruit! Thanks for sharing =D

  4. Wow, this is truly an interesting and inriguing piece of tart:)

  5. What a lovely tart. I am about to make my lunch and wishing I had some of this in the fridge. Yum!

    I am really pleased you stop by my blog, it gave me a chance to find your lovely blog. You are duly added to my blogroll.

  6. great way to use up courgettes! it's such a light version of quiche!


  7. Aww, now this would be the main course for my ladies luncheon! Yum! Thanks for a great recipe!